A Brief Overview of Hong Kong

Hong Kong, formerly known as the Hong Kong Special administrative region of China, is an amalgamation of many different areas into one large city-state located on the western tip of Hong Kong Island. The main regions of Hong Kong are the Central Business District (CBD) and the New Territories, which are also known collectively as the New Territories. Each area has a significant contribution to Hong Kong’s economy, culture, and social norms. Some of the more prominent areas of Hong Kong are listed below.

The Central Business District is the largest district in Hong Kong. The Central Business District is home to the financial district of Hong Kong as well as the corporate headquarters of several major international corporations. The Central Business District is bordered by Central, Hong Kong Island, the East Coast, and the Peninsula. The Central Business District is considered to be the heart of Hong Kong’s economic and social life. It is the home of a number of major corporations in the commercial and financial industries, as well as many international banks and investment banks. The Central Business District has the highest concentration of offices of large financial companies, which include HSBC, Cheil Worldwide, and Citibank among others. These firms have established their headquarters here to accommodate the growing demand for their services and products in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Island, situated on the east of Hong Kong Island, is a residential island situated adjacent to the Central Business District. It is one of Hong Kong’s main districts and is home to some of its most well-known residential districts, including the Sai Tak Wai, Lamma Point, and Yuen Long. Hong Kong Island is one of the most densely populated parts of Hong Kong. This density of population has resulted in an influx of mainland Chinese immigrants who reside in the majority of Hong Kong’s suburbs, such as Shatin and Lamma Point. These areas have become home to a large number of Chinese immigrants, who are drawn to the low cost of living and the cultural and educational opportunities provided by the mainland.

The New Territories is the territory’s west-side sub-districts. It is the home of Hong Kong’s western-most areas, including the Central Business District and the Financial district of Sai Tak Wai. The New Territories includes the majority of residential districts in Hong Kong. The New Territories has a very high population growth rate, primarily because of its high number of foreign residents and because of its proximity to Hong Kong Island. The New Territories consists of Hong Kong’s high-end commercial and industrial zones. Its affluent, wealthy, and highly educated middle-class population have contributed to the continued growth of this area, while the poor and lower-class populations have remained largely untouched.

The East Coast is a district of Hong Kong Island that are the largest district in the entire city, and is also the wealthiest district of Hong Kong. The East Coast’s wealthiest districts include Wanchai, Causeway Bay, and Mongkok. It is home to most of Hong Kong’s business districts and the district consists of the city’s financial districts as well as a large number of residential areas.

Sai Tak Wai, the Central Business District and Central district of New Territories together make up the New Territories of Hong Kong. These three districts are comprised of two districts, and these districts are also considered to be separate parts of Hong Kong. They are the political centers of Hong Kong and form the central part of the city.